The Fiction House Presents Larkish verse for April, National Poetry Month

My heart flutters like Calico, A Foundling's Gentlest Friend (©2013  Image by Joseph Rintoul)

Fly with us and a bit of poetry!


by Hughes Means, 1899


Yesterday upon the stair,

I met a man who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today

I wish, I wish he’d go away…


When I came home last night at three,

The man was waiting there for me

But when I looked around the hall,

I couldn’t see him there at all!

Go away, go away don’t you come back anymore!

Go away, and please don’t slam the door…


Last night I saw upon the stairs,

A little man who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today

Oh, how I wish he’d go away…


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©2015 Raji Singh

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I am a writer, a foundling anchored by tale-telling and imagination. Read my history in Tales of the Fiction House, available at and Barnes & Noble (This is a portrait of my great-great grandfather. He's a handsome devil and I am his spitting image.)
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